“Autumn Leaves” Expressionistic Colorful Themed Art

20170303_142508Autumn Leaves


16 x 20 approx.

$450.00 , free shipping across US

Paypal accepted.


About this Artwork

This painting is signature artwork that Bhavna creates. The painting was inspired by the bright shades of yellow and red sunlight bouncing off of the autumn leaves around the bend of the road.

About the Artist

Bhavna is a San Francisco based independent artist who tries to make a difference through her passion for arts and love for the nature.

Status of Painting

Oil paintings take a while to dry. So, if buying, you might have to wait. If you are interested in a painting, let me know and I will estimate when it will be in a state to be mailed.

Painted on premier quality canvas stretched on a .5 thick frame, using artist grade oil paints, the work is a humble attempt to bring focus on the beauty of nature.
Painting will be sealed with acrylic varnish and sides will be painted black in acrylic.

It is unframed and hangs with d-link and wire assembly. It can be framed if needed.

The painting is shipped with certificate of authenticity and care instructions.


Brush work close-up – 1


Brush work close-up – 2


The price range is based on the painted sq inch area.  High quality canvas prints are available in larger sizes. To know the prices and to order customized artwork, please fill the contact form or email Bhavna at bhavna.misra@gmail.com. Being an independent artist, she is open for the reasonable offers. Thank you for visiting this site.


Postage is free within US. Contact me if you want shipping outside US.

More Pictures

Available on request.

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