“Broken Wing” – Small Watercolor Painting

Bhavna Misra Wasp Watercolor 2017Broken Wing


6 x 6 in


It is one of the small watercolor painting made on Starthmore heavyweight watercolor paper using artist grade watercolors.

2 thoughts on ““Broken Wing” – Small Watercolor Painting

  1. My knowledge about painting is very tiny. But i love paintings. I still saved some of my paintings of school days.
    Don’t know why, ur this painting amazed me. Loving this simple small creation.


  2. Thank you!

    The painting was inspired by the little wasp that landed on my canvas. Its nothing out of ordinary. My studio opens into the backyard that’s abuzz with tons of them. They fly in and out all the time. This one, however, won’t fly away; I was working on a separate piece and when I returned, I found her still sitting at the same spot.
    Upon closer inspection, I realized she has a beoken wing and limp in her limb. At that point, I helped her slide into a paper and left her out under the bushes.
    I could not however, keep her out of my mind, so, I chose to paint her. In watercolor. A medium suitable to represent fragility and immediacy.

    I am glad you liked it.


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