“Waiting for Summer” – Fine Arts Painting by Artist Bhavna Misra

“Waiting for Summer” – Little Bird Portrait of Female Scarlet Robin

Oil on Canvas Board

7 x 5 x .2 in, approx.





The Artwork

While several species of Australian robins feature reddish feathering on their breasts, the plumage of the Scarlet Robin is particularly vivid. And I had to paint her in somewhat brighter colors because not many female birds are brighter colored than their male counterparts.

The strokes are thicker and fluid to capture the sense of urgency and beauty of the creature.

She is perched on the dry branches of treetop that will turn all green soon with the arrival of Spring.


About the Artist

Bhavna is a San Francisco based independent artist and an art educator who tries to make a difference through her passion for arts and love for the nature.

She regularly shows her work in group and solo shows and also offers workshops and live demonstration in private and corporate settings.


Status of Painting




Close-up of brushwork



Prints of this and similar pieces are available in high quality giclee on canvas in small, medium (up to 24″), and large. This painting is unframed.

Framing options are available in maple floater. The back has a wire and screw assembly for contemporary frameless display on wall.


Social media

Bhavna is on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/creativitycornerofbhavna/


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/public/Bhavna-Misra



Online Gallery and Partners



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