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Innovative Ideas for Keeping Your Kids Entertained Indoors

Keeping kids amused indoors when it’s too cold to play outside can be a challenge. As a parent, you want to give your child more to do than simply stare wistfully out the window. Don’t stress. This guide features kid-friendly activities that are both fun and educational.

Inspire creativity with arts and crafts.

Challenge kids by teaching them new crafting skills. An activity like beading is one option. Kids improve their manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination by threading the beads onto wires. They will also enjoy being able to create pretty gifts for their friends and family, making this a perfect activity to undertake in the run-up to the holiday season.

Painting is another creative activity that you and your little one can explore together. It teaches kids about shapes, colors, and visual elements like depth and perspective. Deep Space Sparkle has great tips for teaching kids to paint. For example, pick fun objects that little ones will be eager to draw, whether that’s the family dog or a favorite cartoon character.

Painting can help kids in many ways, encouraging innovation, boosting self-esteem, and giving them a non-verbal means of expression. To further inspire your children, buy some pretty and vibrant art and have them try to replicate it themselves. These colorful calendars from Bhavna Misra feature bright hues that kids are sure to love, so check them out.

Get competitive with gaming.

While you don’t want your child to spend all day in front of a television or tablet, some types of screen time can actually benefit kids. Gaming is one example. Research shows that gaming has various cognitive and developmental benefits. Psychology Today reports advantages ranging from improved spatial attention to reduced impulsiveness.

Multiplayer games are also a great way to enhance teamwork and social skills. Just make sure your home internet can support your little one’s gaming needs. Upgrade your connectivity if needed. This is especially important if you are also working from home during this time and need a reliable connection for video conferences.

Support an interest in science and technology with STEAM courses.

If your child is interested in tech and science topics, nurture their passion. Online STEAM courses offer educational resources that also encourage hands-on learning. For example, Einstein’s Workshop offers virtual classes on everything from 3D modeling to Lego engineering. Meanwhile, Couragion gives kids the opportunity to learn about STEM jobs.

You can also create your own STEM lessons at home. Take an activity like baking, for example. This is a great way to teach young people about chemistry. The American Chemical Society has many helpful resources, from the ACS ChemClub Cookbook to the recipe for “Periodic Table Celebration Cupcakes.”

Explore the world of music together.

Music is another great way to teach your child basic skills, like counting and rhythm. Kids can even learn math essentials, like fractions, through music. For example, a whole note is equal to one beat while a quarter note is equal to 1/4 of a beat. Music is also a great way to learn about other cultures and languages. Check out All Around This World, an interactive online music and culture program.

You can also use music as a means of getting your child physically active, which can be tough when they’re stuck indoors due to inclement weather. Find some songs you and your little one both like and dance it out together. Exercise is important for kids, helping them to build stronger and healthier muscles and bones.

With these suggestions, you have plenty of options to keep kids busy inside. Your child will be entertained, while you can rest easy knowing that you’ve given them something educational to do.

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