“Oh Joshua!” – Fine Arts Oil Painting by Artist Bhavna Misra

Oh Joshua!

Oil on Wood

7 x 3 x .2 in, approx.


$75.00. Free shipping across US



The Artwork

Inspired by the the Joshua trees, the largest of the yuccas, grows only in the Mojave Desert, this is an oil painting conveying the colors of desert in bleaching afternoon light. This tree is unique in its appearance and seems to spread cheer all around it!

Its painted in all artist-grade oil, with rich strokes of paint.


About the Artist

Bhavna is a San Francisco based independent artist, illustrator, and an art educator. She has been painting nature to bring awareness to its preservation. This gorgeous blue planet is the only one we all have!


Status of Painting

It is available. Being on the easel, its wet. If you are interested, I can estimate the shipping date. (Updated Nov 16, 2018)

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