“Autumnal Conversations” – Fine Arts Landscape Painting by Artist Bhavna Misra

Autumnal Conversations

Oil on Canvas

20 x 20 in, approx.

$400.00. Free shipping across US

Paypal is preferred.


The Artwork

The Fall has started to make its arrival known. The streets here in Bay Area are turning all shades of yellow, orange, red-orange, and ruby reds.

The image captures the colors as well as the impressionistic brush-strokes on this ready-to-hang painting.

Sides are black for a polished frameless display. Back has gallery style d-ring and wire assembly for hanging.


About the Artist

Bhavna is a San Francisco based independent artist, illustrator, and an art educator. She hopes that beauty of nature should inspire us to preserve this blue planet of ours. This is only one we have!


Status of Painting

It is wet as of Nov 16, 2018. Should be ready to be shipped in a couple of weeks.

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