“Sunol Hills” – Colorful Expressionistic Oil Painting by Artist

Sunol Hills

Oil on Stretched Canvas

8 x 8 x .5 in


$250.00, free packaging and shipping across US




Sunol Reserved area is a beautiful hiking destination among the hikers of all experience levels. It is often referred as “Little Yosemite” due to its striking similarity in beauty and water fall presence.


About the Artwork

This painting is impressionistic landscape artwork similar to other ones in the series of Local Scenes. Bhavna chose to paint this landscape as a afternoon daylight scene. The colors are brighter and sharper as seen, not as are. The trees are dancing as the cool refreshing breeze blows through their branches.

The rich brushstrokes are loaded with paint and offer a delightful viewing experience in person.

This artwork can be recreated on larger sizes. Similar pieces are available in small, medium (up to 24″), and larger sized high-quality giclee prints. This painting is unframed.


About the Artist

Bhavna is a San Francisco based independent artist who tries to make a difference through her passion for arts and love for the nature. An award winning portraitist, Bhavna paints everyday and updates her in-progress shots on instagram and facebook accounts.


Status of Painting

Oil paintings take a while to dry. So, if buying, you might have to wait. If you are interested in this painting, let me know and I will estimate when it will be in a state to be mailed.

Ships with care instructions and the certificate of authenticity.




Brushwork Details

More pictures will be available on request.

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