“Superbloom” – Colorful Expressionistic Oil Painting by Artist


Oil on Stretched Canvas

8 x 8 x .5 in

$150.00, free packaging and shipping across US

Paypal accepted. You don’t need to have a paypal account.



A wildflower super bloom is underway in Southern California after this year’s generous winter rains. For over four years, the state has struggled with a serious drought, so the valley welcomed the gift of water with a happy heart. The result is a whopping crop of flowers blooming everywhere!


About the Artwork

This painting is impressionistic landscape artwork similar to other ones in the nature series.

Bhavna chose to paint this landscape as a near-sunset scene. The desert flowers are soaring to touch the colorful sky as a gesture of gratitude and love!

The rich brushstrokes are loaded with paint and offer a delightful viewing experience in person.

This artwork can be recreated on larger sizes. Similar pieces are available in small, medium (up to 24″), and larger sized high-quality giclee prints. This painting is unframed.



About the Artist

Bhavna is a San Francisco based independent artist who tries to make a difference through her passion for arts and love for the nature. An award winning portraitist, Bhavna paints everyday and updates her in-progress shots on instagram and facebook accounts.


Status of Painting

Its available.

Ships with care instructions and the certificate of authenticity. More pictures available.

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